Menara Gardens

La Menara Gardens in Marrakech

These gardens are at the gates of the Atlas Mountains and are a relaxing oasis outside the Medina. A special place for a sunny day walk.

The Almohad ruler Abdal-Mu’min built the Menara Gardens in XII century but its Pavilion was only built in the XVI century in the Saadi dynasty and renovated in 1869 by the sultan Abderrahmane, that stayed there in the Summer. The area has an artificial lake that is surrounded by olive trees, cypress and orchards with fruit trees.

It has also a small sub-garden with a wide diversity of trees and flowering plants. The Menara Gardens are part of the Medina and an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985.

Photos of the Menara Gardens in Marrakech

Menara Garden Marrakech: This garden is located 2km from the Djemaa el Fna square and its the Marrakchis people favourite place for a Sunday afternoon walk. These gardens were built in the 12th century but the present construction dates back from the 16th century during the Moroccan Saadi dynasty.