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Major airlines fly to Morocco and already several low budget air lines fly to Marrakesh airport: Vueling (flying from Spain), Easy Jet (flying from England) and Atlas Blue (flying from France and Germany).

The ferry-boat company FRS in Tarifa get you from Spain to Morocco in just 35 minutes of a comfortable journey through the Gibraltar strait. These boats to Morocco can take car, motorbikes, trucks and 4WD’s.

How to get to Morocco? Travel to Morocco by Plane or by Car

Travel Morocco by Airplane, Buy Ticket Morocco, Airplane to Morocco

Major airlines fly to Morocco and already several low budget air lines fly to Marrakesh airport: Vueling, Easy Jet and Atlas Blue.

In Morocco you have several International airports: Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat, Marrakesh, Fez, Agadir and Ouarzazate. Most of them fly to destinations such as England, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Italy, etc. If you’re flying from outside Europe and want to get a cheaper flight, we advice you to switch flights in order to get a best deal as usually direct flights from outside Europe to Morocco are more expensive than a flight change in Madrid for example.

Low Budget Airlines Morocco

Easy Jet:

Flies out of cities like London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona to Marrakech. Price ranges from 50 Euros to 200 Euros per flight round-trip ticket. Price depends of season and available seats. Booking in advance usually gets you the best deals.

Easy Jet Website: Easy Jet |

Atlas Blue:

This is a subsidiary company of Royal Air Maroc. Connects European cities such as Paris and Madrid to Marrakech, Casablanca and Agadir.

Atlas Blue Website: Atlas Blue |

Travel Morocco by Car – Ferry Boat from Spain

Getting your car into Africa is as easy as driving it into any other country in Europe. Tarifa Port in south Spain is the perfect connection to Tangier city, where you can easily start your journey in Morocco.

FRS company offers good quality 35 minutes ferry-boat trips from Tarifa to Tangier where you can easily make all passport procedures inside de boat. Every 2 hours there are boat trips, starting at 9am and ending at 11pm (please visit FRS website for accurate information as there might be seasonal schedule change).

Ticket Price Ferry-Boat Spain to Morocco

  • Adult 1 way = 37 Euros
  • Child (3-12 years) 1 way = 20 Euros
  • Car up to 6 m length 1 way = 93 Euros
  • Caravan 1 way = 143 Euros
  • Motorbike 1 way = 31 Euros

FRS Ferry-boat Website: Ferry Boat to Morocco |


Travel Morocco by Train

It’s very simple to travel in Morocco using trains. Trains run from the coastal line from Tangier south to Marrakech

Ticket Price Train Marrakech to Tangier / Tangier to Marrakech

You can chose to travel in 2 beds wagon, 4 bed wagon, 1st class seat or 2nd class seat.

  • 1st Class seat = 310 Dirhams (31 Euros)
  • 2nd Class seat = 205 Dirhams (20 Euros)
  • Couchette 4 beds in the room (only night train) = 350 Dirhams (35 Euros)

Train Schedules Marrakech – Tanger

4 trains per day. Only the night train is direct trip, all other trains must be connected.

  • 05h00m – 15h25m | Change at CASA VOYAGEURS
  • 09h00m – 18h45m | Change in Sidi Kacem
  • 13h00m – 22h35m | Change at CASA VOYAGEURS
  • 21h00m – 07h25m | Direct train

Train Schedules Tanger – Marrakech

4 trains per day. Only the night train is direct trip, all other trains must be connected.

  • 08h00m – 18h05mn| Change at CASA VOYAGEURS
  • 11h00mn – 20h05mn| Change in Sidi Kacem
  • 14h00mn – 00h00mn| Change at CASA VOYAGEURS
  • 21h05mn – 08h05mn| Direct train

Morocco Travel Guide


Where is Morocco?

Morocco is located in Northern Africa and its borders Algeria and Mauritania.

One of the most interesting facts about Morocco is that it is the African country closest to the European continent.

Morocco and Spain are separated by the Gibraltar Strait only at a distance of 14 km (8.6 miles) from the areas near Algeciras and Tarifa to Tangier in North Africa.

From south Spain in Tarifa you can look and see Africa and one of the most interesting ways of getting into the country is taking the epic boat from Europe to Africa.

Map of Morocco, Morocco Google Map

The Imperial Cities

During several centuries, Morocco had several different king’s dynasties. Many of them moved the capital from city to city, creating a net of distinct imperial cities.

Although many cities in Morocco actually have Royal palaces, only Marrakech, Fez, Meknes and Rabat were actually chosen to be the capital of the Moroccan Kingdom. If you’re into palaces, monuments and impressive Medinas, all these Morocco Imperial Cities offers great cultural and historical escapades.

World Heritage Sites

Moroccan history is undoubtedly rich and full of peculiar aspects. Spread around the Moroccan territory, you can visit quite well preserved UNESCO locations.

The sites of World Heritage in Morocco are: the Medina of Fes, the Medina of Marrakesh, the Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou in Ouarzazate, the Historic City of Meknes, the Archaeological Volubilis, the Medina of T├ętouan, the Medina of Essaouira, the Portuguese City of Mazagan.